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The Cantrell Report – March 2017

Dallas Area Again Tops in Growth By: Jill Cowan, Dallas Morning News Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: The Dallas area leads the nation in job growth, according to newly released data. This time, it was the Bureau of Labor Statistics with its December national employment numbers. The...
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Remedy for Unequal Appraisal

In a practice known as “sales chasing”, appraisal districts often increase the appraised values of properties that have recently sold to their sales price. However, adjusting a property’s appraised value to its sales price greatly undermines the overriding concern of equity by creating a dual standard of valuation: one for...
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Income Capitalization Approach

Here is a helpful review of the process of how the majority of property assessments are determined and why a savvy tax consultant is needed to help navigate through this process. Income Capitalization Approach This is the most common valuation approach utilized by appraisal districts in a mass appraisal of multi-family...
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Property Tax Appeals Process

One of the ways to minimize your property taxes is through the appeals process.  There are several options available for a taxpayer to appeal their property tax assessment.  Here are the three primary steps you can take to appeal your property tax assessment. 1.Informal Hearing. Where Consultants attempt to settle...
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Aggregate Tax Rates for Select Texas Cities

Below is a useful resource containing the aggregate tax rates for select Texas cities.    You can also download a printable .pdf document by clicking on the tax table image below. Please note that overlapping school districts can cause some of the rates listed to be incorrect. Please CONTACT US...
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Summary of 2016 Results

2016 was another fantastic year for Cantrell McCulloch.  Below is a summary of our 2016 Results. Summary of 2016 Results $17+ billion in property value represented across 37 states. $40 million in actual tax savings for our clients. $11+ billion in multifamily properties represented consisting of 200,000 +/- units.  ...
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